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TORRES: I WANT TO BE A KOP IDOL Jimmy Rice 05 September 2007
Fernando Torres is refusing to set himself a goals target this season, but he does have one burning ambition for his first year at Anfield – to become a Kop idol.
With three goals already to his name, the Spaniard has wasted no time climbing the Premier League scoring charts. However, Torres insists he'll only deem his first season in England a success if he becomes a firm fans' favourite. He explained: "After I left Atletico Madrid I dreamed of days like I had against Derby. It was a magic Saturday and I know it is early but I have confidence we can carry on playing like this. "Scoring two goals at Anfield in the Premier League shows that I am ready for this big challenge. "Everything this summer, all the hard work in making the move happen, has been proved worthwhile by games like this and I am so grateful to Liverpool and my teammates. "My objective now is to be an idol at Liverpool and if I keep scoring goals like this then hopefully it will help me become a favourite for the fans. "I know that many people have doubted me because of the size of the transfer fee but my answer will always be with the goals I score. "That is the most important thing in the world, especially for me as a striker who feeds on goals. "I don't want to set a target but if I avoid injuries and stay in good form then I want a minimum of 15 goals. "That will be a good number for me in what will be a very hard first season in the Premier League."


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