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Sami Hyypia cried after last game at Anfield

Sami Hyypia waves to the Liverpool Fc fans

SAMI HYYPIA bade an emotional farewell to Liverpool yesterday, admitting that a chapter in his life has come to a close.

The Finnish defender broke down in tears at the end of Liverpool’s 3-1 win over Spurs before being carried from the pitch on his team-mate’s shoulders.

Hyypia had earlier been given a wonderful reception by the Anfield crowd when he came on to the pitch as an 84th minute substitute, proudly wearing the captain’s armband which had been passed to him by skipper Steven Gerrard.

“The boss told me beforehand he would put me on at the end of the game but I think the fans helped me a bit by singing my name and I got on earlier,” said the 35-year-old.

“It was probably after Yossi Benayoun scored the third goal that he decided to put me on and it capped a great day for me.

“It was a great atmosphere and the fans were great to me and I would like to thank them a lot because from day one they took me as one of their own and it has been the same ever since.

“It is a great feeling to hear them sing your name like they did and maybe if they would have stopped singing my name at any time over the last ten years I would have known straight away that I had done something wrong or wasn’t performing on the pitch.

“That’s why I’m so happy that they are still singing my name after all this time.

“Part of my football life is ending now. I have a new challenge now and it is one I am looking forward to.”

Hyypia remains confident that Liverpool’s defence will continue to flourish following his departure and has backed Jamie Carragher, Martin Skrtel and Daniel Agger to fill the void.

He added: “We have really good centre- backs. I’ve been really impressed by the way Martin has come in and played so very well.

“Agger showed in the first few days that he was here he is a top player and Carra is always reliable. He is so experienced already, he is also mentally strong and is reading the game much better than he was ten years ago.

“It is a very good situation and hopefully next season the three of them will be able to stay fit and go through the season without any injuries.”


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