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Kewell's not lazy - what he needs is an injury-free run

Kewell's not lazy - what he needs is an injury-free run

Jun 20 2007

Letters, icLiverpool & Liverpool Echo

I DON'T think Harry Kewell is lazy and just after the money.

Alex Ferguson is supposed to have asked him before he signed for Liverpool to go to United instead (probably with a big pay rise!) but he still chose us.

The reason was he wanted to play for Liverpool.

If a player wants to play for us and has the talent then we should keep him. He's been so unlucky with injuries and that affects players psychologically as well.

If everyone gets behind every member of the team, including Kewell - and don't start complaining after every poor performance - I guarantee that they will play better.

That's all Kewell needs - a good, injury free run and some confidence back. I think he'll be one of our players of next season.

Brian Patterson, Formby

KEWELL has been unlucky with injuries.

He has talent to burn, but not too much has been burnt in the cause of Liverpool FC yet.

Brian Skinner, Huyton

THERE'S a big difference between price and value ...

The fact we are not in for a £17m player like Bent doesn't mean we can't afford him. It simply means he is not representing value for the money asked.

The same with Malouda. Lyon placed a tag of £17m on him, but there's no way we will pay so much for him.

But if we get Tevez or Torres for £17m, that is value for money, and a good return on our investment.

Chris Knightley, Crosby

BELLAMY is proven in the Premiership and has pace, but is not a great player.

He has the capability to be far better and could have scored more goals if he used his pace at the right time.

Italy could make him better, but we do not need him.

John Hurst, Birkenhead

I WOULD be happy if Bellamy stayed. He's got bags of talent.

He's hardly had a fair shot under Rafa. Then again, how can anyone get a fair shot under Rafa with his rotation policy? It's brutal at times.

Richard Galbraith, Childwall


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