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Babel has got nothing to prove to doubters

Babel has got nothing to prove to doubters

Jul 11 2007

Letters, icLiverpool & Liverpool ECHO

RYAN BABEL is a class act and if we complete the signing he will go straight into our first team.

I don't understand why people keep saying that he is too young and not worth the money.

The fact is he is a full Dutch international with four goals under his belt and has also scored 14 goals for Ajax in two seasons.

Holland happen to be one of the most attacking teams in Europe and in order to become a regular in their 4-3-3 set up you have to bevery good as he's competing against Kuyt, Van Nistelrooy, Makaay and Huntelaar.

Give the man abreak. He's already proved how good he is.

Dave Smith, Liverpool

I THINK Babel will be fighting with Kewell for a place in the side and I'm a bit surprised by the transfer fee of £10 million for a player I've never heard of.

It's a bit frightening, but I know many people have likened him to Thierry Henry,the way he cuts in from the left wing.

I guess the fact that Rafa has done this quickly and quietly is because he rates him so highly.

Mike Yorke, Aigburth

BABEL is a full Dutch international, so he isn't an untried player by any means.

Once people see him play, they will be saying we got a bargain.

Van Basten believes he can be as good as Henry and that's good enough for me. Other clubs' fans must be gutted we are getting one of the hottest young talents in European football.

Jim Barnett, Bootle

BABEL will be a great squad member. He can score goals, can cross and is a super athlete.

He is not a one-dimensional player and can fill many roles. Remember he is only 21, but is already a hell of a player.

Dutch players always adapt quickly in the Premiership and they can speak English too.

It's very positive to sign a player with great potential who is young and is hungry to win.

Kenny Lomas, Liverpool

IN SOME ways we are taking a chance on Babel. We all want players of proven quality in the Premiership, but who else from the Premiership of that class is available?

The answer is none so we've got to take a chance somewhere.

Dave Poole, Liverpool

I HAVE seen Babel play live and he should be a hit. My only concern is that he is lightweight and could be knocked off the ball easily.

The price is steep for an unproven player but I think he will be a great addition to the squad.

Gary Hulbert, Runcorn

PAYING £10 million for a kid is a big gamble. I know United have done it but they are champions and do not need to improve as much as Liverpool. Buying a kid for the first team is a risk whereas Quaresma has Champions League experience and made a big impact at the highest level.

Barry Cowan, Liverpool

YES Babel is not the finished article but from playing for Holland at the European Under-21 Championships it's clear he has great feet, speed and an eye for goal.

In two to three years players of his calibre will double in their value while we sit back reaping the rewards of showing faith in this unproven player. He could become a real hero.

Bill Downs, Liverpool

QUARESMA is the only player that I have seen that comes any where near Ronaldo.

If we don't buy him then next season we will still be saying that we need players who can win us matches against the lesser teams; someone who can produce something out of nothing. By then it will be too late.

Nick Wrigley, Southport

I'M excited about our signing of Voronin and I think he could prove to be an amazing bargain.

He has good movement, speed, and finishing ability. There are a number of doubters out there, but I wonder just how qualified they are to make assumptions on him or whether it's a knee-jerk reaction to a less well known name.

From what I've seen, he could be the striker that adjusts to the Premiership quickest. He looks like he could handle being kicked to pieces at the Reebok!

Ste Wilson, Anfield

VORONIN will play as a support striker to a main frontman.

I've watched him many times and this is his best role, playing just behind, creating chances and scoring from outside the box.

His positional play is very good and he can make the runs into the box very much like Freddie Ljungberg.

Ron Hargreaves, Liverpool


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