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English lesson

English lesson

Jul 3 2007

Post Soapbox, icLiverpool & Liverpool Daily Post

Fond farewell

IT looks like Luis Garcia is leaving so I would like to say thanks for the memories and we will not forget your playing style (even if you frustrate me sometimes) or your goals!

The Voice (via web forum)

United worries

ANYONE else think Manchester United are getting a bit worried? I do.

Sissoko and Alonso at £16million for the pair or Hargreaves and Carrick for £35m?

How much were those proven Premiership players Nani and Anderson again? Thirty million?

Gilhicks (via web forum)

Special Kid

IF El Ninjo is good enough for Rafa, good enough for Ian Rush and good enough for Robbie Fowler then you can be sure The Kid has something special.

It’s all a question of whether he can do it in the English Premier League. Thank goodness that 44,000plus at Anfield will give him a fair chance.

Readreaderreadest (via web forum)

Too expensive

TORRES should not cost more than £20million and his weekly salary should be £70,000 maximum for a start (probation period).

He might be another gigantic blunder like Schevchenko or Veron! Hopefully he will prove us all wrong by being the new Drogba in his first season. Actually, we have a lot of cheaper alternatives like Benni, Huntelaar, Martins etc.

CK (via web forum)

Quality striker

HAVING read various comments regarding Torres’s impending transfer, I’m struggling to believe what I’m reading.

The boy is young and quality and the if the 50-odd million is the going rate for quality (wages included) then so be it.

This time last year we were looking at £10m for average players at best, so most of the moaners would have been delighted to see Torres on his way last year.

Just let Rafa and the board get on with it. I trust him to get it right. Most of our important core players are now tied down to long-term deals, quality young kids are being brought in and we are now competing at the top of end of the transfer market.

Godwearsred (via web forum)

Crazy market

Thierry Henry £16million, Daren Bent £16.5m, Torres £27m – what a crazy market it is.

Liverpool are welcome to Torres at that price,. Throw his wages in and this will add up to £50-60m for one player. Does anyone remember Le Tallec?

Getreal (via web forum)


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