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Fergie not worried by Heinze

Fergie not worried by Heinze

By Lewis Rutledge - Created on 21 Jul 2007
Sir Alex Ferguson expects Gabriel Heinze back in training for Manchester United in a fortnight.

Heinze is currently taking a short break after playing for Argentina in the Copa America this summer, and is not due to return until the start of next month.

The left-back has made it clear that he would like to leave United so he can play more regularly, but Ferguson announced this week that he would not be allowed to join Premier League rivals Liverpool.

There have been suggestions that Heinze could take legal action against United, as his agent allegedly has a letter saying they must sell the player if an acceptable offer has been lodged by Liverpool.

Ferguson insists he has no problem with Heinze and is confident he will resume training as planned, but has been critical of his agent.

"I do not need to discuss anything with Heinze," said the Manchester United manager.

"I expect him back in training in about two weeks' time.

"He is currently on holiday after the Copa America, which is natural because he needs a rest, just the same as every other player.

"Meanwhile, we are trying to steer our way through the minefield because it is his agent's mark behind what is happening at the moment.

"They have been pretty difficult people to deal with."


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