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Rafael Benitez wants it taped

Rafael Benitez wants it taped

By Neil Johnston
Last Updated: 2:13am BST 24/08/2007

Rafael Benitez last night called on the Football Association to introduce video evidence to identify and ban players who deliberately put pressure on referees after accusing Chelsea of flouting an agreement aimed at helping match officials.

After a week in which referee Rob Styles was forced to apologise to Liverpool for his mistake in awarding a penalty from which Chelsea equalised in the 1-1 draw at Anfield on Sunday, Benitez said players found guilty of ganging up on referees ought to be banned for three games.

The Liverpool manager said a gentleman's agreement between clubs in the summer not to put referees under pressure is not working.

"We have had meetings to try to help the referees to do the right things during games and not to be put under pressure," Benitez said. "It's something we talked about. We want a better relationship.

"I was surprised because there were too many players doing the same. You can't see a lot of our players doing this in the last three years.

"But you can see other teams doing it. Watching the video of Sunday's match again, the referee was in a difficult situation.

"He was under pressure all the time from different players, big names, and it is difficult for a person to be calm and do the right things all the time. If you use the video for disciplinary issues the game would be better because the players would know to be careful. Maybe tomorrow you will be banned for three games."

Benitez is unlikely to bring in a new left-back before the transfer window closes next week after losing out on Gabriel Heinze.

Benitez was dealt another blow last night when Steven Gerrard declared himself doubtful for tomorrow's game at Sunderland due to a hairline fracture of a toe.

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