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Steve McManaman attack on fans totally out of order

by Tony Barrett, Liverpool Echo

SO low has Steve McManaman’s stock fallen among Liverpool fans since walking out on the club on a Bosman free transfer almost nine years ago that there are those among them who find him only marginally more palatable than Gary Neville.

In the immediate aftermath of the Sunderland game, McManaman lived down to their expectations once again when he launched an ill-informed attack on those fans who stayed behind on the Kop to protest against the club's American owners.

Totally dismissing their cause, McManaman used his status as Setanta's resident “expert” to tell viewers: “We shouldn’t be talking about this protest, they’ve (Hicks and Gillett) come in and put money into the club. Why don’t the fans just let them get on with things?

“All the fans should just go home; they are making it worse.”

Get on with what, Steve? Get on with the shambles that saw Hicks admit that Jurgen Klinsmann was approached behind Rafa Benitez’s back?

Get on with their ongoing personal feud which saw Gillett refuse to put his name to a press release confirming refinancing was complete?

Get on with pushing £30m of interest a year onto the club?

As for the assertion that “they put money into the club,” even the world’s most creative spin doctors would struggle to make people believe that.

The facts are there Steve. Try checking them before you lambaste those who once paid your considerable salary.

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