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Dudek - We were better in Athens

Dudek - We were better in Athens
Written by Matt Ladson on May 26th, 2007 ▪ Subscribe to TIA Alerts

Jerzy Dudek - the hero from Istanbul two years ago - thinks that Liverpool’s performance was better in Athens than in Istanbul.

Dudek writes on his official website:

“Before the match we believed that there is no way AC Milan is going to play better than two years ago, when they lost against us after the penalty shootout. We were right. On the other hand, our performance was more convincing in Athens than in Istanbul. However, Turkey not Greece turned out to be the place, where we could raise the Champions Cup.”

“It was clear right from the beginning that the first goal will determine the match’s outcome. In the first half, after some mistakes from Milan’s defenders, we came very close to scoring. We played well in this part of the game - we stringed a few nice passes and obtained an advantage. However, when the game is so even, details such as a foul, free kick or a corner kick might became decisive. This was the case in our game. Milan won a doubtful free kick just before the penalty area. The set piece was taken by Andrea Pirlo and Filippo Inzaghi changed the ball’s trajectory, which confused Pepe Reina. We lost a goal in the crucial moment of the match. It determined the whole game.”

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