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'B team' fails to reach heights

'B team' fails to reach heights

Sep 17 2007

View From The Stands

by Rob Jackson, Liverpool supporter, Liverpool Daily Post

TWO points dropped or one point gained? You could argue that as Pompey missed a penalty and an absolute sitter, it’s the latter. And I’d be inclined to agree. This was a performance that redefined the term ‘mediocrity’ – except for Reina’s penalty save, of course.

It’s quite likely that Rafa’s got it right. He does need longer than these noon kick-offs give him to prepare the team after internationals. At least he came out with this before the game, so it can be filed under ‘reasons’ rather than ‘excuses’.

Maybe he had to make all those changes. Still a big pity, though – the only time we looked the real deal here was when the A team came on.

There may be significance in the fact that many other big games seemed pretty lousy too, for example at the Bridge. Plus Goodison, of course, where the Toffeemen were their usual acquiescent selves against those unspeakables from Stretford.

All this aside, Peter Crouch again showed that he is occasionally brilliant with his feet yet frequently useless with his head.

I reckon Crouchy was Rafa’s initial over-simplistic response to the Premiership. Where Houllier went for just pace and power, so Rafa went for height and aerial prowess. Both were over-simplifications, and he knows better now. Either way, if a player as good as Dirk Kuyt can put up with the bench, then so can Crouch.


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