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Show us your true colours

May 8 2007

by Sarah Chapman, Liverpool Echo

Jamie Carragher celebrates with the supporters in Istanbul

LIVERPOOL fans are ready to turn the Champions League final in Athens into the best banner display in history.

Hundreds of supporters are creating original and humorous banners to keep up a tradition going back decades.

The Reds have consistently come up with better banners than any other club in Europe.

Many of them from past European cup glories are now world famous.

Now the ECHO is urging fans to send us pictures of their banners, which we will publish in the paper and on our website,

Our picture editor Stephen Shakeshaft will choose the best Athens 2007 banner.

The makers will have their picture taken with the banner by one of our photographic team and receive a framed copy as their prize.

Reds fans have made themselves known for their ingenious and witty slogans. The banner which seemed to inspire them all was the one seen at the 1977 final about the team’s full-back, Joey Jones.

Liverpool supporters unfurled their creation at the European Cup final in Rome, which said: “Joey Ate The Frogs Legs, Made The Swiss Roll, Now He's Munching Gladbach”.

They also pulled out all the stops ready for the team’s victory in 2005 with a huge selection of witty banners.

Some showed poetic prowess, others featured the sort of quotes worthy of the great philosophers, but one simply read: “Liverpool – European Capital of Football.”

Stephen said: “Liverpool fans are renowned for their humorous and extravagant banners. Ever since that Joey Jones banner in 1977, they have taken centre stage before and during European Cup finals.

“I’ve seen some really creative ones and we are looking for the most im-aginative banners for the final in Athens.

“There were some excellent ones in Istanbul two years ago, so we are expecting great things from the fans.”

Countdown to the Champions League final in Athens - 15 days to go

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