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Heinze puts future on hold

Heinze puts future on hold

By Mark Buckingham - Created on 29 Jul 2007

Gabriel Heinze will not consider his Manchester United future until he returns from holiday.

The defender is looking to leave the Premier League champions due to concerns over his first-team chances and has been the subject of a bid from Liverpool.

United have rejected the offer, but legal advice has been sought from Heinze and Liverpool regarding a letter given to the Argentine's agent.

The former Paris Saint Germain full-back is currently on a break after playing in the Copa America and is trying not to focus on football.

"I am on holiday, but may return next week and say more," Heinze told the News of the World.

"For now I am a United player, but I am not saying anything else.

"I don't want to think about it and I don't want to think about football. I am on holiday and only want to think about the things I don't during the season."

United have been confident in their position regarding the letter given to Heinze's agent, which stipulated he can leave if a certain fee is met.

Liverpool feel it entitles the defender to join any club, but Red Devils chief executive David Gill claims it only concerns overseas teams.

Gill said: "There is this famous letter. I wrote to Heinze and his agent to give them an indication of what value we require for, effectively, an overseas transfer.

"If there is overseas interest and the valuation is right I can see him moving on.


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