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REDS ON TOUR: DAY 2 Mark Platt in Hong Kong 24 July 2007
Liverpool are in Hong Kong for the 2007 Barclays Asia Cup and the club's official website will be following them every inch of the way. Here's a taste of what's been happening on day two of the tour...
Hong Kong Stadium
The Reds paid their first visit to the Hong Kong Stadium on Monday night where they held an opening training session in full view of the press. Given the fact that the sun had gone down it was probably the most comfortable run-out the players have enjoyed since being here, although it was hardly what you'd call cool – the stadium thermometer confirming that temperature was still around 33 degrees centigrade.
The fanatical Asian Liverpudlians continue to besiege the team hotel and it seems they've discovered an unlikely new hero. 'Robbie, Robbie', was the shout as the players boarded the coach for training on Monday evening and it was only after a quick look around to make sure Robbie Fowler hadn't made a dramatic return to the club that we realised the subject of their attention was a sheepish looking Robbie Threlfall. Like a good pro, the young defender took this new found adulation in his stride, then received a good-natured ribbing from the senior players once on the coach!
Staying on the subject of the fans. They were certainly in fine voice yesterday, serenading the players whenever they stepped foot out of the hotel. From Johnny Cash's 'Ring of Fire' to 'Fields of Anfield Road' they worked their way through an impressive repertoire of Kop classics. The sound was, shall we say, not quite the same as on an Anfield matchday but ten out of ten for effort. PS: Rumours that they're about to form an Asian branch of RTK are, as yet, unconfirmed!
Steven Gerrard is no stranger to signing autographs but even he looked bemused when a local guy approached him during an evening workout at the gym and asked him to sign a bowling pin!
Bearing in mind that not a lot is known about Liverpool's next opponents, South China FC, you'd surprised to discover that there are a couple of links between the two clubs. Some older fans may recall the name Tim Bredbury (pictured below). Tim was born in Hong Kong to British parents and was an apprentice at Anfield in the late seventies/early eighties. Upon returning home after leaving Liverpool, South China was one of the many clubs he played for. He popped into the team hotel yesterday for a chat and we'll be publishing an interview with him later in the week. A more recent connection relates to current first team coach Alex Miller who spent a short spell with South China towards the end of his playing career. Both are listed among South China's most notable players on Wikipedia, while Alex also stepped briefly into the breach as player/coach of the club.
Tim Bredbury

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