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Dragons Regret Not Roasting Liverpool

Dragons Regret Not Roasting Liverpool Both Coach Jesualdo Ferreira and Captain Lucho González were unhappy with the 1-1 draw against a ten-man Liverpool in the first matchday of the Champions League 2007-8 at the Dragão (Dragon) stadium in Porto…
Dragons Regret Not Roasting Liverpool

FC Porto tactician Jesualdo Ferreira thought that the draw was an unfair reflection on what had happened.

“We worked hard enough to win and that would have been a fairer result given that we were the only team that played to win. Liverpool only tried two shots over the course of the entire game," he argued.

Ferreira also admitted that his men did lack a certain killer instinct as well.

“We had a lot of technical and individual failings – which isn’t normal…and strangely enough suffered the equaliser from a dead-ball opportunity and that shouldn’t happen…we were alert but not all the time and you end up paying for things like that.”

The FC Porto Goalscorer, Captain Lucho González, added that his men found it difficult to create chance sin front of Reina.

"They [Liverpool] closed up tightly and we couldn’t find the spaces we needed to play our game.

"Liverpool have a lot of experience and we knew it would be like that, but nevertheless, I think we did well under the circumstances," stressed the Albiceleste.


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