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Robbie Fowler today thanked the Liverpool fans for giving him such great support during his second spell at the club - but vowed there's still work to be done before he turns his thoughts to the future. Fowler was told this week his contract won't be renewed at the end of the season, meaning Sunday's clash with Charlton will be the last time the supporters see him in a red shirt at Anfield. "Obviously it will be an emotional day for me, but I want everyone to know I'm still completely focused on what I see as two very important games," he said "First I want to play well and win against Charlton to help us finish in third, and then there's preparing for and hopefully playing a part in the Champions League final. "I'll think about everything else after that because I don't want anything to interfere with such an important match. "I also want people to know I've not even thought about the future beyond Liverpool. The manager explained the situation to me this week and it wasn't a big surprise, to be honest. "But everyone knows I've treated every game back at Liverpool in exactly the same way and given all I could for the team, and that's going to be the case in the last two games as well." Fowler also admitted he's grateful to be given the chance to say 'goodbye' to the fans after missing out on the opportunity when he left in 2001. "At least this time I will get a chance to say goodbye properly because I was gutted the way it happened last time," he added "Since I've been back, the support I've had from the fans has been tremendous. It's been even better than it was first time around. "Maybe you appreciate it even more when you've been away and missed it so much, but I'll never forget the reception they gave me and will always be thankful for it. I just hope I can finish with a few goals and a Champions League win. "That would be the perfect way to end the season."


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