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REDS ON TOUR: DAY 3 Mark Platt in Hong Kong 25 July 2007
Liverpool are in Hong Kong for the 2007 Barclays Asia Cup and the club's official website will be following them every inch of the way. Here's a taste of what's been happening aside from the match on day three of the tour...
Hong Kong Kung-fu
With it being matchday, Liverpool's players enjoyed a rare morning away from the training pitch on Tuesday and took the opportunity to attend a special kung-fu demonstration. The kung-fu experts were only too glad to show off their routines and even invited some audience participation. Don't worry though, we've been promised there'll be no Cantona-esque antics on the Anfield touchline next season!
Hong Kong Kung-fu
A big shout out to the 'Swiggers' and 'Irregulars', two groups of ardent Liverpudlians who travel the length and breadth of the planet to support the Reds. They never miss a game and, as expected, their respective banners were on show at the Hong Kong Stadium last night. For any of the players who might have been feeling a little homesick it was good to know there was a bit of Scouse in the house.
Hong Kong adidas
A quick stroll through one of Hong Kong's shopping districts on Tuesday morning offered conclusive proof that Liverpool are the most popular football club in this part of world. The displays in every sports shop were dominated by the Reds and in terms of replica shirts spotted on the streets the final score was - Liverpool 23, Fulham 1, Barcelona 1.
Hong Kong adidas
There was widespread relief among the Liverpool squad following Tuesday's victory over South China FC. By qualifying for the final it means their next game, against Portsmouth on Friday, will kick-off at 8.15 Hong Kong time and not earlier in the evening when the sun would still be shining and the temperature a lot higher.

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