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MEET THE MALAYSIAN REDS Mark Platt in Hong Kong 25 July 2007
LFC is famed for having supporters all over the world and one of the most passionate hotbeds can be found in Asia. In the second of a special series of features, we spoke to members of the Malaysian Supporters Club.
China July 07
Just how big a club are Liverpool in your part of the world? We all know that Liverpool has a huge following around the world and it’s the same here in Malaysia. Liverpool is one of the most, if not the most followed football club here as the fan base is huge. The amount of people turning up at football matches here just says it all. Tell us a bit about your club, ie how many members, where you gather to watch matches and how many of you will be in Hong Kong to support the Reds? The Liverpool Supporters Club Malaysia (LSCM) was launched in August 2000. Besides being the only Official Liverpool Supporters Club here in Malaysia, we are also a Ticket Based Supporters Club which entitles us to two match tickets for Liverpool's EPL home games and two group tickets (30 tickets per match) in a season. Our main sponsor which we get a lot of support from is none other than Carlsberg Malaysia. Currently we have about 6,000 members who are registered with us and the number is growing.The common activities that we have is Live Viewing Match Parties, Members Night gatherings, yearly trips to Anfield and we also have a football team (LSCM/TSV 1860) that plays in the Business House League here in Malaysia. LSCM also organizes our yearly South East Asia Liverpool Supporters Club Futsal Tournament which involves LSCM and supporters club from Singapore and Indonesia. The one thing that LSCM is proud of is our monthly exclusive members only 'Walk On' magazine which is now in its 7th year in production. We normally have a number of designated Carlsberg outlets (pubs) where we gather to watch Liverpool's matches mainly Breakers, Cafe 1920 and Quality Hotel Shah Alam. For the new season 2007/08, Carlsberg has introduced 50 viewing outlets nationwide where members will get to enjoy special discounts on drinks during matches. For more info, log on to How excited are you by LFC's visit to Hong Kong? It goes without saying how excited we are Liverpool being here in Hong Kong and especially in this part of Asia, where we believe there is true potential in terms of marketing for Liverpool FC. We hope that Liverpool FC will continue to come over, especially to Malaysia because not many fans can afford to travel to the UK to watch them in action. Which players are you looking forward to seeing in action most? I am sure most fans would like to get a glimpse of our new signings Torres and Babel in action but to be honest just watching Liverpool in action for 90 minutes beats almost everything in this world. What more can you ask for? What are your hopes and expectations for the new season? Like all Scousers, we hope for Liverpool to end the long wait for the League title. I am sure that will be the priority for Rafa Benitez and his players, especially Gerrard and Carragher. We also hope that Torres, Babel and Benayoun will be the final pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that will see Liverpool once again conquer English football from all fronts and take their place at the helm of English soccer, where they so rightly belong.

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